HEART OF STEEL a new musical by Wesley J. Colford
coming to the NEXT STAGE FESTIVAL: January 6 - 17, 2016

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The year is 1943. The Sydney Steel Plant is in full swing, providing half of Canada's steel for the war efforts, but WW2 is far from over. The boys are overseas, and it's up to Cape Breton's female force to hold the fort! A lovable cast of outrageous characters that will put a smile on your face and a tune in your heart. 

Featuring an original score that mixes traditional East Coast folk with '40's swing and boogie woogie. Heart of Steel is sure to steal your heart!


*From the Highland Arts Theatre Production


Heart of Steel was first produced by Highland Arts Theatre in Sydney, Nova Scotia on March 23rd, 2015. The production included the following cast and crew:

AMELIA MacPHERSON           Margaret MacPherson
JENNY MacPHERSON             Lesley MacLean
MAUREEN MacPHERSON      Lisa Penny
GEORGIE                                   Maureen MacAdam
DOTTIE                                      Hilary Scott
KAY                                            Kristen Woodford
OLIVIER                                    Ron Newcombe
EDIE                                          Diana Furlong-MacKinnon
JINKS                                         Sam White
MACKIE                                    Carl Stapleton
and a cast of 40...


Direction by Wesley J. Colford
Music Direction by Barb Stetter
Choreography by Cynthia Vokey
Highland Choreography by Jenn MacNeil

Stage Management by Mary-Jean Doyle
Produced by Wesley J. Colford

Set & Lighting Design by Joe Pagnan
Trailer by Nicholas Porteous
Poster Design by Hilary Scott


"A rambunctious, scrappy, joyously fun musical that celebrates a rarely discussed part of Cape Breton history... It is not to be missed."

- Ken Chisholm, Local Theatre Critic ("What's Goin' On")

"This musical is a feast for the eyes, a feast for the heart!"

- Julie Sutherland, Theatre Professor at Cape Breton University ("Doktor Luke's Blog")