After his father's death, Christopher, a theology student, leads a misfit cast of amateur actors in a production of his late father’s play: a hyper-sexed version of Adam and Eve set in 1960's USA.  Slapstick, satire, and meta-theatre frame a surprisingly complex story about lonely people trying to fill roles that do not suit us. Christopher tries to convince everyone including himself that he is committed to his religion and its strict views on sexuality, and capable of directing and producing his father’s bizarre script. Despite everyone’s best intentions, a break up, forgotten lines, and a crisis of faith conspire to sabotage the production. The primary focus of Genesis is on laughter, but the show is only funny because of the pain and struggle of Chris and the other characters.  A hilarious romp that is sure to get you thinking, whether you're religious, theatrical, or somewhere in between.



Genesis & Other Stories was produced by Aim for the Tangent Theatre, premiering Trinity St. Paul's United Church as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival on July 3, 2013 with the following cast and crew:

CHRISTOPHER                Hayden Finkelshtain
CATHY                              Tess Dingman
ANDREW                          Wesley J. Colford
AMBER                             Katie Housley
GAVIN                              Jared Bishop

Direction by Vivien Endicott-Douglas
Stage Management by Chelsea Ranger
Produced by Wesley J. Colford

Photography by Sarah Miller-Garvin
Promotion Design by Llyandra Jones
Trailer by Nicholas Porteous

Previously, it was performed as part of the 2013 Paprika Festival at the Tarragon Extra Space, beginning March 29th, with the above team plus the following additions: 

Lighting Design by Adam Tate-Howarth 
Assistant Stage Management by Daniel Jenkins

Genesis & Other Stories - Promo Pic #3.jpg
Genesis & Other Stories - Teaser Poster.jpg


"Chaotic perfection is the only way I can describe this truly hilarious play... an absolute must see this year at the Toronto Fringe Festival."

Tarah Kennedy, Mooney on Theatre

"Comically disastrous... very funny. Things could only go worse if the theatre collapsed."

Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

"Definitely one of the highlights of this year's Fringe Festival. "

Lauren Gillett, Theatromania

"I can't fault this show. It's great. Amen."

Theatre Isn't Dead Blog

"This is a brilliant, funny show. See it."

Colette Shaw, The Charlebois Post

Genesis was revived in 2014, travelling to Hamilton to take part in The Pearl Company's annual Canadian Theatre Festival, and then re-mounting in Toronto at the Red Sandcastle Theatre, Feb. 5th - 15th. 
Both productions featured the following team:

Red Sandcastle Poster - Hilary.jpg

CHRISTOPHER                Cameron Laurie
CATHY                            Llyandra Jones
ANDREW                         Wesley J. Colford
AMBER                            Hilary Scott
GAVIN                             Jared Bishop

Direction by Vivien Endicott-Douglas
Stage Management by Adriana Dimitri
Produced by Wesley J. Colford

Photography by Nicholas Porteous
Promotion Design by Llyandra Jones


"The most deliriously funny play I have seen in a very long time. [Rosamund Small] scores more laughs in only 75 minutes than do many comedies in twice that time... If you missed it last year, don't make the same mistake twice."
- ★★★★Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

"A genius and frequently uproarious farce...The quintet of performers submit themselves to being ridiculous in service to the play and, in the process, become heroic and hilarious."
★★★★Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto

"Invigorating, creative, hilarious, and often very affectionate... This cast knows precisely what to do."
Mike Anderson, Mooney on Theatre