This is a world of dreams and memories. Fleeting glimpses and déjà vu. Could-have-been-maybes and never-been-almosts. A world where thought is tangible.

Six characters are trapped in a Void of yearning, hope, failure, and regret. Outside of time, their stories entwine and form a cycle of inherited decisions. A lone Stranger must navigate these stories, searching for answers amidst the tempest of teenage love, broken relationships, eating disorders, and the never ending quest for perfection.

A play that challenges the intentions and methods of teachers and parents, students and children, lovers of all creeds, and above all, the human artist.



Excuse Me, Would You Like to Buy a Bar?  was most recently produced by Don't Panic Productions (the forerunner of Aim for the Tangent Theatre), in association with the Paprika Festival as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival, debuting July 6, 2011 with the following cast and crew:          

SUSAN/MOM        Hannah Anderson
HAL/DAD              Wesley J. Colford                              
CATHY                  Kate Etienne
MICHAEL              Vaughn Harris
CRYSTAL              Celine Michaud
STRANGER           Kent Nolan
JESSICA                Rachel Tokayer

Direction by Marc Richard*
Produced by Wesley J. Colford

Design by Marc Richard*
Poster Design by Andrew Bravener
Trailer by Kent Nolan
Stage Management by Kyle Orzech

* Appeared courtesy of Canadian Actors Equity Association under the New Festival Agreement.


“I know everyone keeps talking about how amazing it is that a 20 year old wrote this play but that is because it really is impressive. Wesley J. Colford has a writing style that is mature beyond his years. … I hope this is not the last we have seen of this show”

           -  Lucy Evleigh, Mooney on theatre

 “Deeply inspiring, filled with a riotous cast, each member funnier and more on point than the last, and a theatrical structure that surely seems too complex for such a young man. Unless that man is Wesley J. Colford, of course. “
          -   thenewspaper.ca

“Excuse Me not only speaks to a broad range of theatre-goers; it reminds us that it's OK to go through life unsure about the ‘big questions.’”

         -   Damanjit Lamba, The Varsity

“This play hit me head-on.”
        -    107 Days Blog


Previous to this, a shorter version of the play was produced in the 2011 Paprika Festival at the Tarragon Near Studio with the following cast and crew:

DAD                     Wesley J. Colford                              
MICHAEL              Vaughn Harris
STRANGER           Aaron Sax
MOM/LENENE      Rachel Tokayer
JESSICA                Suzie Yankou

Direction by Ana Marija-Stoic
Dramaturgy by Nigel Shawn Williams
Produced by Wesley J. Colford
Stage Management by Adriana Dimitri

Original Excuse Me.jpg

Excuse Me, Would You Like to Buy a Bar?   was originally commissioned and produced by the Cape Breton Stage Company as part of the outdoor/site-specific summer festival "Cape Breton Hits the Streets" in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The play debuted on August 3rd, 2009 with the following cast and crew:

DAD                   Patrick Cadegan
MOM                  Rachel Colford
MICHAEL            Neil Spencer
JESSICA             Timika Boudreau
STRANGER         Mark Oliver

Direction by Wesley J. Colford


Following this production, the play would win the 2010 "Under 20 by Under 20's Playwriting Competition" at Tarragon Theatre where it was workshopped under the direction of Andrew Lamb.


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