Auditions:  HEART OF STEEL, Next Stage Festival (Aim for the Tangent Theatre)

Casting roles of all ages for "Heart of Steel", a new musical comedy by Wesley J. Colford, which will take place in the Factory Theatre Mainspace as part of the Next Stage Festival, January 6th - 17th, 2016.

Audition Day 1: 10/14/15
City: Toronto

Audition Day 2: 10/15/15
City: Toronto

Call backs: 10/16/15
City: Toronto

Deadline to submit:  Saturday, October 10th at Midnight

Email applications to: tangentsubmissions@gmail.com


Engager website: www.aimforthetangent.com

Equity submissions welcome, performers will be engaged under the Equity Festival Agreement. Compensation will be provided in the form of profit share.



As well, performers who play one or more musical instruments will also be given special consideration: please indicate in your submission letter what instruments you play.


Successful applicants will be asked to prepare the following:

One short song, NO LONGER than 2 minutes in length. Piano accompaniment will be provided, please bring your own sheet music.

In addition, when contacted you may be asked to prepare sides. Please indicate in your submission if there are any roles for which you are particularly interested in being considered.



(Note: Ages reflect the character and not necessary the performer. We have open minds.)

Amelia MacPherson - Fiercely intelligent and longing for adventure. Amelia comes from a modest upbringing and puts her own dreams on hold to help provide for her family. Curious, cautious, logical, self-sacrificing, with more inside her than she knows what to do with. (17-20)

Jenny MacPhearson - Jenny shares her older sister's quest for adventure and usually gets what she wants. Resourceful, cunning, and bold. A self-proclaimed troublemaker. (13-17)

Maureen MacPhearson - The widowed Matriarch of the MacPherson household. Wearied and stretched by the responsibility of providing for her family, her conservative views sometimes overwhelm her attempts to do what's best for her daughters. (40-50)

Charlotte MacPherson - The youngest of the MacPherson sisters, their father died shortly after her birth. Smart and attentive, if sometimes bratty. (6-12)

Edie MacPherson - The sister of Maureen's late husband, Edie lives with the girls and helps with the house. A gossip and busybody, but with a heart of gold; as full of wisdom as she is colourful metaphors. (35-60)

Jinks O'Toole - The supervisor of staff at the Sydney Steel Plant. A man who's had the same job all of his life on the verge of shipping off to war on another continent. Salt of the earth with a stubborn streak and daft as a dark winged duck. (35-60)

Georgie MacDougall - Tough as nails and brassy to boot. Georgie doesn't take flack from any man and doesn't need much of an excuse to pick a fight. Able to take care of herself just fine. A jar of homemade moonshine doesn't hurt though... (25-50)

Dottie Dubranski - As sophisticated as they come this side of the Canso Causeway. Dottie cares a great deal for her friends and is very loyal when the going gets rough. Her fiancee, Olivier, ships off for war. (17-30)

Kay Riley - Naive and somewhat sheltered, Kay joins the Steel Plant to expand her career horizons and challenge herself socially. Also to learn how to swear. (17-30)

Olivier Gourdeau - A handsome Acadian from Cheticamp, engaged to Dottie. Works cranes at the Steel Plant but is readying to ship off to war. Well meaning, but always a little bit late. Knowledge of Acadian French is an asset (17-40)

Felix "Mackie" MacIsaac - Sturdy and stalwart, Mackie is the best "crane man" there is, having worked at the Steel Plant since it first went up. He knows everything there is about cranes and is looking for someone to mentor. Originally from Newfoundland. (50-70)

Ethel Jones - A school teacher turned scientist for the Steel Plant chemistry division. In charge of fractional distillation. While she may seem cold, she cares deeply for the men and women under her and wants everyone to get home safely. (25-40)

George Lemoine - A loner and a bully, but not without charm. Lives a thankless life in the furnaces of the coke ovens and ships out soon for a thankless life overseas. (20-50)

Douglas Troy - Well meaning but shy. Another poor schlub from the coke ovens. Dreams of advancement, met with ironic fate. (20-50)

Jake Harvey - Hard worker at the steel plant who longs to go to war, denied due to flat feet. Frustrated with his lot but committed to thorough work. (20-40)

Corey Lahey - Very much in support of women working at the Plant. In support of women in general. Mostly in support of peeping them in the showers. A misogynist and a cad. (20-30)


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If requested, scripts can be made available to read prior to auditions. Please indicate in your submission if you are interested in reading the script in advance.

If necessary, video auditions will be accepted but in person is preferred. Please indicate if you would need to send a video audition and we will provide additional material.


Interested applicants are asked to submit a resume and headshot to tangentsubmissions@gmail.com, attention: Wesley J. Colford, Artistic Director. Electronic submissions only. No phone calls please.


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT:  Saturday, October 10th, 2015 by 11:59 PM