OF SHAPES: Let There Be Light....

In our second post in our Of Shapes Transformed by Love design series, we bring you the ever-evocative and artfully transportive Joe Pagnan with some preview pics of the finished design (including some secrets) as well as his original design statement. (One of my favourite parts of starting a new show with Joe is his design statements.)

43° 35.896', -80° 15.950'

"it is a moment tripping on its toes, teetering on the blade's edge. Footsteps running across a wooden floor. Hiding [playing] amongst the willow's hair. A breeze, tickling the hair on the back of my neck. Shifting, tilting, falling, tumbling over toes over crown over toes.

a light breeze, I am overlooking a lake, a willow billows above my dreams. The smell of a fire, pine. running [playing] through the forest, my legs are a steed's. pounding, white steam rising from my mouth each pattern repeat. The water, cold, ice melt off. dew rising, steam over its calm, the sky breathes. the wood is scorched, my dear, how will you dance your jig? morning tears won't remove the scars in the wood, age will expand them and they will bubble as a memory on its bark. flaking. 

the tendril sways around me, [i] see through her hair to the flickering stars. pictures in ultraviolet, slicing in the blue black sky.  I must. Beating the earth, footsteps faster free, gaining, flight up, tripping on its toes, teetering dream, skirting over water, fast; I put in my index finger and paint a picture as I glide. summer birds changing their reflections in the lake. the stars are brighter than the earth tonight, up there is where we belong, amongst the imagined lines, dreams of fates and astrology, we are as much them as this tree I've attached my swing to. holding it down. it will grow around me, absorbed by the bark until it bubbles and flakes. forever encased. the wood is scorched my dear. how will you dance your jig? your pretty face wrinkled with age, flaking. the wind in the last strands of hair. ice blue eyes look out on the lake. reflecting the forever blue of memory. how much smaller the tree seems standing under it now. the dirt is padded down by a hundred's hundred of little feet. It's a moment, tripping on its toes, falling [playing]."

Of Shapes Transformed by Love starts tomorrow night at 9:00PM with a Pay What You Can Preview. To book tickets for later in the run, click here