2014/2015: Season Announcement

Hello Sports Fans! 

November is here and after an extended summer break, it is once again time to Aim for the Tangent!

We had an extremely busy last year with four world premieres, two remounts, two multi-city tours, and a workshop - plus the professional debut of our flagship show, The Wakowski Brothers... It's been a lot. 

We've been extremely lucky and extremely busy in the interim, but at last we are proud to announce the next three shows to be hitting Toronto with the usual Aim for the Tangent flare.

This season takes us from the bedroom of a young woman to a magical/shitty island, from the brink of unexpected tragedy to the culmination of a long expected one - working with new collaborators, old partners, and dear friends. 

As usual, stay posted for further updates or sign up for our mailing list for exclusive information on upcoming auditions. 

And now, without further ado, your 2014/15 Season:

by Wesley J. Colford

Part of CIRCLE JERK produced by Soup Can Theatre, safeword, and Aim for the Tangent

Sex and This by Wesley J. Colford (The Wakowski Bros., Aim for the Tangent – Best of Fringe – NOW Magazine Critics Pick: Outstanding Production); A touching and distinctly modern comedy-drama about death, self-destruction, and the new rules of mourning in the age of Facebook. Directed by two time Dora Award nominee Jakob Ehman (Cockfight, Theatre Brouhaha; Minotaur, Young People’s Theatre; Donors, safeword) and starring Tiffany Deobald (Much Ado About Nothing, Single Thread Theatre) and Carys Lewis (The Corpse Bride, Theatre Panik).

Soup Can Theatresafeword, and Aim for the Tangent Theatreare proud to present Circle Jerk; one production, four new and provocative short plays written under unique constraints. This past summer, members of the public were invited to submit original snippets of dialogue that the participating playwrights would have to use as the opening and closing lines of their new creations. After receiving almost300 submissions, four intriguing lines were selected and assigned to the writers:

“Subtlety is not your specialty.”
“What’s Bulgarian for slut?”
“I think it’s time we talked about your filthy rituals.”
“I fucking hate potatoes.”

As an added twist, each of the lines of dialogue were assigned to two playwrights in order to serve as both the closing line of one play and the opening line of the following play. This loosely interconnected and ultimately cyclical structure (with the first play starting and the last play ending with the same line) puts the “circle” in Circle Jerk. After an intense writing and production period, the end results are four diverse yet cohesive works backed by an impressive roster of talent. Click here to reserve advance tickets - limited availability.

Praise for participating companies’ previous productions includes:

Sultry … Seductive … Uniformly Delectable … N N N N N” – NOW Magazine

Fast and Furious … A Story of Surprising Depth …★★★★½” – Torontoist

Sexually Charged … A Thrill Ride … ★★★★” – My Gay Toronto


After last year's bold and highly divisive Of Shapes Transformed by Love, Aim for the Tangent once again teams up with Kyle Capstick and Newborn Theatre in this new play about identity, place, and the purgatory of home. 

Fiddler wants you to believe that there’s something about this island. Jane knows she’s in love with it despite never having been there. Jane’s sister Ryann doesn’t  share her love. Worried that Jane will leave the city for the island, Ryann asks Duana to convince Jane that the island isn’t worth loving. If the air on the island is music, will Jane ever play it?

This play follows the debut of Kyle's second Toronto production, I Don't Want to Dance with Straight People, which played in August of this year. A Toronto production directed by the author will debut in Toronto in February of 2015.

Live fiddle music will accompany the performance.



"You say the first time is the last time, fine."

"Okay. Let's do it."

Ben and Airlea have nothing in common except a mutual attraction. With no interest in long term commitment, they embark on a succession of first dates and last loves filled with harmony and heart break, intimacy and disconnection, romantic fancy and hard reality. A moving and personal drama about a one night stand that becomes a lifetime.

This contemporary love story is at times equally hilarious and heartbreaking, cynical and sentimental. Developed through the Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre and will make its professional world premiere at Shadow Theatre in Edmonton in March 2015. The play will then receive an east coast production in Sydney, NS at the Highland Arts Theatre in May, before veering once again West for Toronto.

The Aim for the Tangent production will take place June 3rd - 13th of 2015 at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace.