2013: Plays I Saw

In the spirit of reflection and procrastination (starting 2014 out right!) I have decided to borrow a tradition from a very good friend of mine, namely the wonderful Lois Dawson, and record/compile the titles of every play I saw over the course of 2013. For the purposes of this exercise, I have included play readings, but (for the most part) not cabarets or primarily music based performances (excluding musicals). 

The idea behind publishing this list (in blog form) is not only to call attention to what a (potentially unhealthy) theatre addict I am, but more importantly to publicly thank and acknowledge the incredible wealth of theatrical talent this country supports. 

This year I got to see a lot of amazing shows - including some stellar festivals, brilliant new works, and awe-inspiring productions of classics - from all corners of the country! And by all corners, I mean largely Toronto, with some from Nova Scotia and PEI. And as many shows as I did have the privilege of seeing this year, there were probably an equal number that I desperately regretted not getting to see due to lack of physical hours or conflicting performance runs, which itself is a testament to the outpouring of theatre in this incredible city. 

If you are one of the shows I missed this year: my humble apologies, I'll aim to make it for this year. If you're pretty sure I saw your show but it's not listed here, that's more than probable: I compiled this list based on the records in my planner - a fun reflectionary exercise in itself but highly dubious where precision is involved. 

I ended up with a grand total of 127 plays in 2013 - a far cry from Derrick Chua standards, but not too shabby all in all! Let's hope 2014 hosts as many fearless productions and performers. Allons-y! 




1.       Post Eden (Suburban Beast @ Next Stage Festival)

2.       Someone Else (Crow’s Theatre)

3.       Memorial (Next Stage Festival)

4.       Peace Maker (Pomme Grenade Productions @ Next Stage Festival)

5.       Awake (Next Stage Festival)

6.       Body 13 (Theatre Passe Muraille)

7.       The Amorous Adventures of Anatol (Tarragon Theatre)

8.       This is War (Tarragon Theatre)

9.       Do You Have What I Want?: A Craig’s List Cantata (Factory Theatre/Acting Up Stage)

10.   Evening Star (Reading)

11.   The Penelopiad (Nightwood Theatre)

12.   A Fond Husband (George Brown Theatre)

13.   Every Letter Counts (Factory Theatre)

14.   Come From Away (Theatre Sheridan)

15.   Engaged (Rhubarb Festival)

16.   Shakespeare’s Nigga (Obsidian/Theatre Passe Muraille)

17.   Little One (Tarragon Theatre)

18.   Other People’s Children (Tarragon Theatre)

19.   Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead (Soulpepper Theatre)

20.   Iceland (Factory Theatre)

21.   Revelation (New Ideas Festival)

22.   In This World (Tarragon Theatre)

23.   Still Waters (New Ideas Festival)

24.   Say the Words (New Ideas Festival)

25.   Stalled (New Ideas Festival)

26.   Falling (Reading, New Ideas Festival)

27.   And Slowly Beauty (Tarragon Theatre)

28.   The Deepest Trench (New Ideas Festival)

29.   Two Actresses (New Ideas Festival)

30.   Over the Edge (New Ideas Festival)

31.   Pieces of Penelope (New Ideas Festival)

32.   The Seagull in Four Movements (Upstart Theatre)

33.   Dead French Philosophers and What We Mean When We Talk About Love (New Ideas Festival)

34.   My Friend’s Best  Friend’s Boyfriend (New Ideas Festival)

35.   Eglinton (New Ideas Festival)

36.   My Red Feather Boa (New Ideas Festival)

37.   Everything But the Cat (Reading, New Ideas Festival)

38.   This Play is Like (Paprika Festival)

39.   W(hole) (Paprika Festival)

40.   Tenderhooks (Paprika Festival)

41.   Trains for Dolls (Paprika Festival)

42.   Genesis & Other Stories (Paprika Festival)

43.   Milkbath (Paprika Festival)

44.   This is Your Script (Paprika Festival)

45.   Life After (Reading, Paprika Festival)

46.   Merrily We Roll Along (Theatre Sheridan)

47.   Arigato, Tokyo (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)

48.   Race (Canadian Stage)

49.   Spring Awakening (George Brown Theatre)

50.   Lego Land (Theatre Passe Muraille)

51.   Big in Germany (Ten Foot Pole Productions)

52.   Brimful of Asha (Tarragon Theatre)

53.   Kill Deer (Alumnae Theatre)

54.   Playboy of the Western World (George Brown Theatre)

55.   A God in Need of Help (Workshop, Tarragon Theatre)

56.   La Ronde (Soulpepper Theatre)

57.   Carried Away on the Crest of a  Wave (Tarragon Theatre)

58.   The Biographer (Tango Co. @ VideoFag)

59.   South Pacific (Scarborough Music Theatre)

60.   For the Love of Gracie Gray (Reading, PARC Colony)

61.   Beekeepers (Reading, PARC Colony)

62.   Revenge Play (Reading, PARC Colony)

63.   High Flying Bird (Reading, PARC Colony)

64.   Stopheart (Factory Theatre)

65.   The Book of Mormon (Mirvish Productions)

66.   No Exit (FOH Productions @ Unit 102)

67.   Next to Normal (Clearwater Productions @ Tarragon Theatre)

68.   Red Headed Coffee Shop Girl (Storefront Theatre)

69.   Passion Play (Outside the March/Convergence/Sheep No Wool/Crow’s)

70.   Cynthia Dale in Concert: Outside Looking In (Stratford Theatre Festival)

71.   Waiting for Godot (Stratford Theatre Festival)

72.   Genesis & Other Stories (Aim for the Tangent Theatre @ Toronto Fringe)

73.   Bremen Rock City (Toronto Fringe)

74.   Musical of Musicals (Toronto Fringe)

75.   The Hystericon (Good Old Neon @ Toronto Fringe)

76.   A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Puppet Epic (Shakey Shake Productions @ Toronto Fringe)

77.   St. Francis Talks to the Birds (Toronto Fringe)

78.   The Truth About Comets (Toronto Fringe)

79.   Polly Polly (Toronto Fringe)

80.   Project DABDA (Toronto Fringe)

81.   Morro & Jasp:  Go Bake Yourself (Toronto Fringe)

82.   Or Be Eaten (Toronto Fringe)

83.   We Are the Bomb (Theatre Bruhaha @ Toronto Fringe)

84.   Coal & Steel: Work & Protest (Big Fiddle Players)

85.   Evangeline (Charlottetown Festival)

86.   Dear Johnny Deere (Charlottetown Festival)

87.   Eating Pomegranates Naked (SummerWorks)

88.   History of Summer (Reading, SummerWorks/MusicalWorks)

89.   Murderers Confess at Christmastime (Outside the March @ SummerWorks)

90.   Wild Dogs on the Moscow Trains (SummerWorks)

91.   Paradise Lost (Reading, SummerWorks/MusicalWorks)

92.   B Side (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

93.   937 (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

94.   ZomRomCom (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

95.   Cupidity (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

96.   Law & Order: Musical Victims Unit (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

97.   Universal Babble (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

98.   Phaedra’s Bed (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

99.   L: A Fragmentation Subway Waltz (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

100.     It Trickles Down (Atlantic Fringe Festival)

101.       Anything Goes (Mirvish Productions)

102.       A Clockwork Orange (Tarragon Theatre)

103.     Angels in America Part 1 (Soulpepper Theatre)

104.      Angels in America Part 2 (Soulpepper Theatre)

105.     Gut Girls (George Brown Theatre)

106.        Avenue Q (Lower Ossington Theatre)

107.    Next to Him (Reading, Glasswater Theatre)

108.  The Norman Conquests: Living Together (Soulpepper Theatre)

109.  Venus in Fur (Canadian Stage)

110.  The Norman Conquests: Round and Round the Garden (Soulpepper)

111.     The Best Brothers (Tarragon Theatre)

112.   Savage in Limbo (Bob Kills Theatre @ The Downstage)

113.      The Fun Palace: Radio Variety Show (Small Wooden Shoe @ The Monarch)

114.    Time Stands Still (Unit 102)

115.     The Double (Tarragon Theatre)

116.     Aladdin (Mirvish Productions)

117.     Mature Young Adults (Aim for the Tangent Theatre @ VideoFag)

118.    The Gods and Calvin Brewer (Reading, Tarragon Theatre)

119.     Left, Right? (Reading, Tarragon Theatre)

120.    The Waiting Room (Reading, Tarragon Theatre)

121.     The Trouble With Mr. Adams (Reading, Tarragon Theatre)

122.      Munsched! (George Brown Theatre)

123.    The Gay Heritage Project (Buddies in Bad Times)

124.     Winners/Losers (Crow’s Theatre)

125.      The Valley (Tarragon Theatre)

126.    Annie (Young People’s Theatre)

127.    The Little Mermaid (Ross Petty Productions)