MYA: Halifax Day 14

And so, our time in Halifax at the Atlantic Fringe draws to an end... As all things do... 

What a blast. What a time. So many great shows - unmentioned favourites include Universal Babble , It Trickles Down , and the glorious 937  - so many great nights, and so many great friends. A new highlight of my life has to be singing Epiphany  (yes that  Epiphany) and A Weekend in the Country  with Garry Williams and Kevin Kindred at 4 in the morning. 

I'll probably babble on about what a great experience the Atlantic Fringe was once I get some sleep and return to being something more closely resembling a functional human being, but in the meantime, here's a quick video from me and Renée from the docks of Halifax on our last day in Nova Scotia. 

Stay classy, Halifax. Till next time.