MYA: Halifax Day 10

Well, so much for a blog post every day...  

We all knew it wasn't going to happen, but I did think it would last longer than it did. The good news is that my lack of internet time has been the direct result of so many amazing real life times, which I suppose in the end is kind of the point of all this.

It has been an amazing week in Halifax since I last wrote. Amazing shows, terrific audiences, so much support, and really great friends - both old and new.

It's been incredible getting to talk with so many people about the show, and seeing people from such a wide variety of backgrounds. Old friends from Cape Breton, old friends from Toronto, new friends from everywhere and even a few young friends. This show seems to touch people in such drastically different ways, and it's been a  real treat to get to talk to so many people about it at this still relatively early stage of its development. 

We also got another pretty great review, this time in the Chronicle Herald. 


With all the socializing, promoting, a few "professional" meetings, and actually doing shows, I've barely had any time to see other shows in the Festival, but as the week goes on, I've been slowly catching up and I wanted to take a second to shout out a few of my favourites of the ones I've seen so far!

Phaedra's Bed  - Some really terrific work from Kim Parkhill and Garry Williams. I love revisiting Greek stories and this "Vocal Masque-esque" piece does a great job of exploring the themes and humanity of a woman who's struggles remain just as relevant today. This also wins the award of "Best Set Design Ever Realized in a Fringe Festival". Seriously, awesome.

ZomRomCom - I'm a bit biased because I know everyone involved in putting this together, some of them for more than 10 years, but I absolutely loved everything about this terrific piece from the Cape Breton Stage Company. One of the funniest plays I've seen in a long time, it was bold enough to take us through some major twists while still ending on a heartfelt and thoughtful note. Beautiful performances from Erin and James as well. It had been too long since I'd seen either of them perform.

Cupidity - Jessica Fitzpatrick is a force to be reckoned with in this delightful parody of the media saturated world we live in, in which romance is as much a tactic for advertising as sex. Demonstrating some awesome acting chops in a variety of roles, my favourite sections were an enactment of a fictional romance movie set in the 30's and a demonstration of sexual liberation featuring Barbie and Ken (My favourite line is still "Hey, Paper Boy, here's a nickle. Go buy a house: it's the '30's!").

B Side - I was first drawn to this charming one man show at the 60 second preview marathon at the opening party, but only was able to catch it on it's closing day last night. Still, so glad I caught it. A charmingly unsettling performance from Arlin Dixon. While short, I really enjoyed this play and hope to see more from this Toronto based company back in that other city I spend time in sometimes.

L: A Fragmentation Subway Waltz  - Aside from having a fantastic title, this new play from Kristin Slaney had a lot to get excited about. I loved the script, which was both funny and insightful (which I would expect from Slaney), the true joy was in the performance though as Lesley Smith embodies several unique-but-the-same characters with startling alacrity. Beautiful show and wonderful acting. I'm not entirely sure if this was the production's intention, but it made me think a lot about Canada. Which is I always like to do. Interesting (and entertaining) stuff.

More shows to see (and do) and more friends to catch up with! Update soon! If there's ever any time!