MYA: Halifax Day 4

Wow. What a rush. As suspected, the last few days continued to spiral into a bevy of busy-ness and my blogging ambitions were trumped by the demands of Sound editing, Program Making, and - oh yeah - opening the show. Even now, I'm hastily typing so I have time to still grab a sandwich before running to our second show, but it's been such an amazing two days, I had to jot down some thoughts. 

I love Halifax. I've never really spent this much time in the city, other than day trips and maybe the rare overnighter, but being here has been so great. It's got the friendliness of the East Coast with just a hint of Toronto expansiveness without getting overwhelming. Add the gorgeous view of Citadel Hill and that beautiful Atlantic Ocean and I'm in love. 


Thursday night kicked off the Festival with a bang: all 54 shows were given the opportunity to "sample" their show with a sixty second segment of anything they liked. Some did straight excerpts, others more "pitch" style, but all were fascinating and it was remarkable how quickly you were able to get a sense of what each show was like and  - eventually - a real sense of the Festival as a whole. It's a very cool way to start everything, and really fostered a sense of community and getting to all share the same space for a brief moment, which I really liked. It's the kind of event that might be a bit overwhelming with the 150 shows of the Toronto Fringe, but apparently they do it in Vancouver so who knows? I was amazing how quickly the evening went. Afterwards there was a party next door at the Argyle, where I got to catch up with old friends (shout out to ZomRomCom!) as well as finally put some faces to e-mail addresses. 

Indiegogo UPDATE

Yesterday, our Indiegogo Campaign officially ended, securing over 125% of our original goal! I feel like I need an entire blog post to unpack the feelings of humility and honour I've felt, being blessed with such overpowering support and love - often from very unexpected places (not that I expect love and support from anyone, but some really came as an elated surprise). Thank you to everyone who donated, everyone who passed the word, and everyone who sent their love and best wishes. For something that I was very trepidatious  about beginning two weeks ago, I can't get over what a holistic experience this has been. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I promise to stop posting about it! 

Special Thanks to our final Donors:
Nancy Florian, Kim McCaw, and Samantha Mehnert. xox


Once everything has settled in, I think I'm going to have to have to also write a whole reflection around this as well. I wrote a fairly lengthy Facebook post last night, which I think sums it up better than I'm capable of at the moment, so at the risk of repeating myself:

What an amazing opening. I am... overwhelmed. 3 years and more of sweat and guts culminated tonight in front of an audience and I am so full of light. I was going to write a blog post, but I think I need to go to bed. Thank you though to everyone who came out, everyone who supported me and this play at any stage of its development, to our unbelievably generous Indiegogo Donors, and the sensational Renée Haché. I’m feeling very, very proud.

After the show I got to have drinks with Mike MacKenzie and Kristin Petite, two of my oldest friends (I credit Mike as being literally my oldest friend - we had the same babysitter at age 4) and wonderful people who I haven't seen in far, far too long. In retrospect, they might have been the perfect people to have at the show for Opening and getting to catch up and hear their thoughts was beyond amazing. 

I'm really happy with the show. It's been in development for so long and had so many voices, but at the end of the day, doing it on that stage yesterday, I am so proud of what it is and the way it tells the story that I felt was worth investing this much time to tell. It's not necessarily a play that everyone will love, and I have no idea how the rest of the run will go, but right now I am so happy. Thank you to Kevin, Thom, Lisa, Robert, Noah - everyone on the Fringe team who made us feel so welcome.

I can't believe we get to do it here 8 more times.