MYA: Halifax - Day 2

Day 2 hit the ground running and didn't stop! We finally made the excursion to downtown Halifax, where we spent most of the day, and managed to squeeze quite a bit in on the production and publicity front. 

The day was book-ended with the most senseless construction traffic I've seen in a long time. Welcome back to Nova Scotia. We waited for literally a half hour without moving before coming into sight of the hold up - an entourage of at least 10 orange clad laborers filling ("filling") one moderate (at best) sized pot hole - which was not actually in the direct line of our road - simultaneously blocking all four directions of the intersection. 1 worker was lethargically shoveling while 3 workers looked on, slouching malcontentedly. 4 workers blocked off all routes of escape, whilst 4 additional workers watched these 4, presumably to make sure they were holding the signs correctly. At 7:30 the sight was very much the same (despite being well past 5), with the exception that the one shoveling had joined his compatriots in malcontented slouching, and one of the 4 stop sign-wielders had propped his sign up on a convenient telephone pole. We made it through after a mere 15 minute stop.

I swear, my next Fringe show is about Nova Scotia road construction. 


Aside from traffic unpleasantness, the day was quite lovely. We eventually made to the Art Gallery (where the show is taking place) and were surprisingly delighted by the charm of the small Lecture Hall venue. The way the stage is actually distributed allows for considerably more room than we had rehearsed for, and a beautiful set of curtains the Fringe has provided make for well needed wings. Our technician, Noah, was extremely helpful and answered all our questions. Apparently we actually have one of the more popular venues. Who knew! 

The rest of our escapades consisted of picking up posters, picking up Props, commencing our Guerrilla Twitter Campaign (more on that later...), and dropping off postcards. I have to say, I'd forgotten exactly how much friendlier Halifax is than Toronto, in a very general sense. In Toronto, especially around Fringe, people will allow you to leave postcards, but there's a bit of annoyance around the whole ordeal. Here, we couldn't give them away fast enough! Store owners went way out of their way to make room for stacks while complimenting the design, while hotel clerks volunteered to hand them to patrons when asked what there was to do in the city. Maybe it's because there's only 50 shows (compared to 150), or maybe the Halifax theatre scene just isn't oversaturated with postcards, but it was incredibly refreshing and made what could have been dreary publicity grunt work quite delightfully easy. 

We also met with our Stage Manager (for the first time in person, in my case): the lovely Tracie Burgess, of Halifax heritage, York trained, re-Halifax-patriotized, and future Europe jet setter. It turns out she was the lighting designer for a show I saw in last year's Toronto Fringe (One in a Million ) which holds the prize for most lighting cues I've ever seen in a Fringe show (possibly any show), all of which was set in less than 3 hours. I feel like we're in good hands.


Indiegogo Update: 

Only two more days to donate! We're soooo close! I know I'm blowing the horn a lot, but I promise after we open I'll shut up. This time yesterday, we needed 31 people to donate $10 each to reach our goal. Now we only need 23 people. If you can possibly spare $10, please consider...

Clicking Here to Help Young Artists Create Original Canadian Theatre

We're so close to our goal, which it turns out is only about 1/3 of our final budget - which doesn't include any money to the artists. Please help us break even!

An enormous Thank You to our latest donors:
Michelle Vokey, Nick Hayman, Sherry Ramsey, Oliver Dennis, and Suzanne Doane.


Lots more excitement in the coming days including: a promised update on our Guerilla Twitter Campaign; a second, longer Trailer; The Atlantic Fringe Opening Night Party, and of course, Mature Young Adults   makes it's big debut! Stay tuned.