MYA: Teaser Trailer

Tonight's the night! In just 12(ish) hours, Renée and I will high above the clouds en route to beauteous Halifax and the Atlantic Fringe. It still feels very surreal and I don't quite believe it's really happening... I suppose I should finish packing too... 

My plan is to start updating on a (hopefully) daily basis to keep all our Toronto and Cape Breton fans posted on the goings on of our adventures. I've never even attended the Atlantic Fringe before, so I am very excited to see how it differs and compliments the Toronto Fringe. Perhaps we'll even learn some lessons that will be useful to future Atlantic Fringers. 

Before we leave though: a treat! I'm so excited to release the brand new Mature Young Adults  Teaser Trailer, filmed and edited by Nicholas Porteous. We also have a slightly longer trailer we'll be releasing later in the week, but for now: prepare to be teased...


Six days in and our Indiegogo Campaign is progressing beyond my most optimistic fantasies. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated since my last Blog post: 
Suzannah Derewicz, Jerry Young, Svava Juiliusson, Elain Allen, Joanne Williams, Beatrice Donald, and all of our Anonymous donors.

There are still FIVE DAYS left to donate! We're about 2/3 of the way to our goal and if we make it before Friday, we won't have to pay a percentage of what we've made to Indiegogo. Please consider clicking here and helping us if you can at all - the smallest donation makes all the difference!

Now, off to Tarragon and then to the Airport! Ciao for now.