MYA: There and Back Again (and There Again)

And so we come to the final third of the Magnificant Summer of Three Plays, in which two key elements from the previous two thirds (Fringe and returning to Nova Scotia) are combined to create: returning (again) to Nova Scotia for the Atlantic Fringe Festival.

Yes, after only  a week of being back in Toronto, we are already deep into rehearsals and pre-production for Mature Young Adults  - which is a good thing as we leave for Halifax in exactly two weeks!

Things are a little behind where I would normally like them to be at this point in the production process, but that seems to be par for the course for this much smaller division of the Fringe. Having done Toronto fringe a few times now, I am very excited to take Aim for the Tangent on its first forray into the world of Fringe touring, something I hope to further explore in years to come! I don't really know what to expect from this production (despite living most of my life in Nova Scotia I have never done a show in Halifax or even attended the Atlantic Fringe), but that's why it's an adventure.

A rough mock-up of our new poster design by our talented promo designer, Nadia Pacey.

A rough mock-up of our new poster design by our talented promo designer, Nadia Pacey.

After some hugely exciting and productive rehearsals last week, we have officially frozen (and printed) a brand new draft of the script - officially Draft 6.2, but looking through my computer I discover there have actually been almost 40 unique versions of this script over the past three years!

Mature Young Adults has had a long and hugely supported life; from it's original inception as a 20 minute short, to a workshop with Theatre St, John, to publication, to expansion as playwright-in-residence at the Paprika Festival, to workshop performance at Tarragon, back to New Brunswick for the 2013 PARC Playwright's Colony..... finally to Halifax for the Atlantic Fringe. (Then in November, back to Toronto at VideoFag!)

So far, things in the prep world have been pretty fantastic. Getting to continue working on this project with Renée Haché and Alexander Offord has been an absolute dream, and having Lois Dawson in town to help as associate producer has been invaluable as I balance three hats on this one (up from two on Genesis , down from four on Pizza Passion ). 

After a minor glitch (where all our tickets were available for purchase for the bargain price of $0.00), tickets are officially on sale online and can be purchased here.

Things are definitely shifting into high gear, so stay turned for lots of exciting updates!  Now, to run to a photo shoot....


I'm not sure how many people reading this will be in Halifax for the Atlantic Fringe, but regardless, I couldn't help plugging this awesome trailer for another show that will be heading to Halifax in a few weeks: ZomRomCom.

While I haven't seen it yet myself, it's coming off a smash run with the Cape Breton Stage Company last winter, and features two of my oldest friends and theatrical collaborators, James FW Thompson and Erin Gilli...Thompson, and is written by Scott Sharplin, to whom I owe much of my playwriting career. Jenn Tubrett directs to complete this dream team. Check it out: