GENESIS: Post-Fringe Reflections

We interrupt this post-Fringe coma to give you a long  overdue blog post...

Actually, that's a lie. Who has time for comas? In reality, the Aim for the Tangent team has been working non-stop since Fringe on a number of new projects... but more on that later. 

For the moment, allow me to send out a huge cyber-space THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Genesis & Other Stories  the colossal hit it was! The entire team was so blown away by the support, attendance, and critical response and we have only our audiences to thank. 

I'm so pleased to officially record in BLOG form (meaning, it can never be destroyed...) that Genesis  received a 100% SOLD OUT run - beating out even our previous hit, The Wakowski Bros. , which started selling out very quickly, but not from day one! Because we were site-specific, we were allowed to do 11 shows, which means 11 sold out performances for over 660 audience members.


This year was a wild one for weather! While we avoided the major flooding and power outages that cancelled performances across the rest of the festival (a perk of performing in a church?), the lack of Air Conditioning in our packed chapel venue almost caused some patrons to faint...... So we bought an Air Conditioning. Just one of the lengths we go to to ensure our audiences' comfort and enjoyment.  

In addition, the complimentary juice boxes that our playwright wrote into the show provided a welcome mid-show treat. Note to self for our next show.... 


As mentioned above, the critics were very kind to us, giving rave reviews pretty much across the board! Here are some short snippets: 

"Chaotic perfection is the only way I can describe this truly hilarious play... an absolute must see this year at the Toronto Fringe Festival."

Tarah Kennedy, Mooney on Theatre

"Comically disastrous... very funny. Things could only go worse if the theatre collapsed."

Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

"Definitely one of the highlights of this year's Fringe Festival. "

Lauren Gillett, Theatromania

"I can't fault this show. It's great. Amen."

Theatre Isn't Dead Blog

"This is a brilliant, funny show. See it."

Colette Shaw, The Charlebois Post


Now that the dust has settled, the one feeling that lingers in my mind when I think on this year's Fringe is: Gratitude. Gratitude for my brilliant co-performers and production team, who were not only patient but inventive - and at times ingenious - in the face of challenges and potential catastrophe; for everyone who helped with our fundraiser, our promotion, and the wonderful people who helped us harrass you on FB and twitter; for the staff of Trinity St. Paul's, we couldn't have asked for a more welcoming home; for our incredibly generous audiences, especially the ones who came before we got the Air Conditioner; and to Rosamund Small, from whom this world was birthed - without you, none of us would have gotten to play in it. 

To all those above and more: THANK YOU. 


End of Fringe.jpg

Now to start scheming the next one.... 

MORE SOON.......