FRINGE: 10 to See (Plus more...)

One week till Fringe! 

In the perpetual hustle of promoting your own show, it's very easy to get caught up in a self-indulgent spiral of insularity; something that flies in the face of the community that I believe is one of the Fringe's greatest strengths. Last night, after finally getting my hands on a Fringe Program, I was astonished to come to the realization that I have good friends involved in a total of 23 shows. TWENTY THREE SHOWS. And that's not including acquaintances. 

In celebration of the wide array of talented people who are all running the final gauntlet to opening, I wanted to take a moment away from GENESIS & OTHER STORIES  (which you're all coming to already, right?) and spread the word about some of the other shows I'm excited about. 

DISCLAIMER: I haven't seen any of these shows in completion, but I have given preference to ones I've seen in various stages of development or are being done by friends and past Aim for the Tangent company members. If you are a friend and I somehow missed your show in my sleep deprived state, please post info in the comments! 

SHAMELESS PLUG: With so many amazing Fringe shows to cram into 10 days, consider coming to our special Pay-What-You-Can preview performance of GENESIS this Friday at 8:00!

Click the titles for full information. Recommendations are listed in order of Fringe Program. Here we go! 


Saw this play at the Paprika Festival this year and was blown away. Shadow puppets and stand-up comedy are seemlessly woven into an intellegent and humourous script. They may be young, but these versatile women are doing exciting work.

This Play Is Like.jpg

Check out their website here.


Two colossally talented women who are bringing this double bill back to Fringe after a hugely successful run at this year's Next Stage Festival. Not to be missed. 

EXCUSE YOU (Pg. 33) 

As a fellow Front-of-House Manager, I can't resist the promise of this new comedy from Bryce Alexander Dudley. I'm sure his experiences as Manager at Factory will provide ample source material and perspective from the other side of the Box Office. 

OR BE EATEN (Pg. 44) 

This is one is gonna be a treat. A devised "urban fairy tale/puppet/masque show" from the mind of frequent collaborator, Graeme Black Robinson. It's directed by Alexander Offord (who will be directing MATURE YOUNG ADULTS later this summer) and features Amy Marie Wallace and Scott Garland, both treasured Aim for the Tangent company members. 

Their trailer was done by Nicholas Porteous (who also did our trailer): 

Check out there website here


Featuring Tarragon cohort and wonderful human being, Annemieke Wade and her husband Cameron Johnston. We're both rehearsing a lot at the studios at Tarragon and what I've heard through the walls sounds pretty great! Plus it's by David Ives - how can you go wrong?

Check out their website here. 


Written and directed by wunderkind Alexander Offord (see above), this self-diagnosed "meta-theatrical odyssey through madness and hysteria" promises to take us to "the very darkest recess of psychiatric medicine". Featuring company members Renée Haché (upcoming in MATURE YOUNG ADULTS) and Nicholas Porteous (who, again, did our trailer) as well as the fabulously talented Lesley Robertson and Nicole Wilson. Choreography is by Courtney Simpson, who is also brilliant and happens to be one of my favourite people in the city.


Check out their website here


Written by the wonderful Sarah Miller-Garvin, who took our delightfully naughty promo pictures. Directed by Evan Vipond, this one is sure to be a hit. 

Check out their website here.


A new show from the sensational Jessica Moss (author and star of last year's MODERN LOVE at Next Stage). Get your tickets early for both of these shows as the intimate Passe Muraille backspace only seats 60!


Nepotism alert! Fair warning, this dance show features my brother, Thomas Colford, but everything I've heard and seen about the show looks incredible. Check out this early preview video from back in April and see for yourself.


Check out their website here


By George Brown alumni Kristofer Van Soelen, this is another of the many fabulous site-specific shows featured in this year's Fringe! There are so many I could list this year, but this one stands out due to the reliable strength of Van Soelen's writing and an incredible cast, including Gabriella Colvechio, Andrew Perun, and Kevin Ritchie.


Again, soooo many to include, but I did want to shout out to the following:

3 ARTISTS SEARCH FOR A FESTIVAL (Pg. 12) - A terrific team including Matthew Hines and Leah Holder forge into the Fringe Alleyways to bring you this "Alleyplay". 

KIN (Pg. 18) - Featuring the lovely and talented Debora Joy. Can't wait to see her on stage again!

HERE (Pg. 26) - A multi-media "dance play" that won Best of Fringe in Hamilton last year, featuring recent Sheridan-grad, Jessie Cox.

GOOD GIRL (Pg. 64) - Another site-specific show written and starring Tanya Ritoul and directed by Elsbeth McCall (both of whom I was in "PERFORMING OCCUPY TORONTO" with earlier this year, written by our own Rosamund Small). 

WE ARE THE BOMB (Pg. 69) - This next outing from Kat Sandler and Theatre Bruhaha needs no promo from me, but I thought I'd mention it since it features another of my favourite performers, Caroline Toal. 


I couldn't resist these two more:

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM... A PUPPET EPIC! - Shakey Shake and Friends come back for their third show in as many years! Sure to entertain kiddies and Muppet/Shakespeare lovers! 

BREMEN ROCK CITY - From the wonderful minds of Sara Farb, Colleen Dauncey, and Akiva Romer-Segal. This video says it all: 

Okay..... What did I miss?