GENESIS: Teaser Trailer

Trailers are tricky for theatre - especially when dealing with meta-theatrical mindgames like the play-within-the-play (within-the-church) in Genesis & Other Stories. How do you capture something that is inherently a live event without misrepresenting what the actual experience will be? Fortunately we had two things on our side: one, the gloriously talented (and really great guy) Nicholas Porteous (who can be seen himself in not one, but TWO Fringe shows this year)  and two, our Director, Vivien Endicott-Douglas, who had the brilliant idea of shooting a "behind-the-scenes look", in-character of the backstage process of "Adam and Eve" (the "play-within-the-play" part of Genesis). Once we had the concept figured out, we had an unruly amount of fun shooting bits of "Adam and Eve" (even more over the top on film) and improvising interviews as our characters to create an "Office" style mockumentary. When we were done, we had not only maxed out a three hour video card, but Nick has attested that when he took only the "essential interview moments" (not even the Adam and Eve bits) and put them, unedited, back to back, the result was more than 8 minutes long. Master editor that he is, he has put together the following in what I think is a brilliant preview look at the show and the kind of comedy you're going to experience at Genesis & Other Stories. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Just a reminder that our PWYC Preview/Fundraiser is next Friday the 28th! See the whole play, in the church, with music beforehand by Alex McCulloch. Check out our "Calendar" page for more detils!