MYA: Two Weeks to Opening

Yet again, I find myself remiss in my blogging duties and responsibilities. From the promise of Thanksgiving, I have yet again abandoned cyberspace, leaving it (and you, dear reader) bereft of my reluctantly cogent if occasionally solipsistic remarks. No more. 

In two weeks, Mature Young Adults  finally comes to Toronto, gracing the stage of Kensington Market's VIDEOFAG Art, Theatre, and Film venue. 

It's been a weird combination of lots of producing work and not a whole lot of rehearsing. The show comes hot off a successful run at the Atlantic Fringe Festival this summer (see blog posts below), so aside from some minor tweaks the show itself is pretty much set. What is not set is publicity, media, promotion, pavement pounding, and mulch collection... so it's been a busy time for this producer. 


One of the exciting things that is new is the addition of Joe Pagnan to the production team!  I have long been a fan of Joe's amazing work (Gruesome Playground Injuries , Wild Dogs on a Moscow Train , etc) and have wanted to work with him for some time. This project seemed like a perfect excuse, and boy am I glad we brought him on board!

We're still in the stages of negotiating the world we want to create with the world that will fit in a relatively small room with two actors and hopefully some audience members... so I am reticent to talk specifics of what we are planning, but sufficed to say, I am pretty excited. With luck, we will be confirming things in the extreme near future (like, ideally before opening) and so with luck I will be able to make some announcements and post some pics soon. 

I will say this: having worked on the development of this show for sometime, there are certain fantasies that creep into your head from time to time. Fantasies like, "What would this look like if it was a movie?", "What would this look like in a Mirvish production?", "What would this look like if we had any actual budget to speak of?" When I sat down for our first production/concept meeting, Joe pitched me not only everything I'd asked for, but everything I'd been afraid to ask for, as well as everything I never imagined we'd be able to do short of major funding from TD Bank. And most of what we need he's already sourced for free on Kajiji.

This is a man you want in your corner. 

I am so excited to get to share this play with this city. I am so excited to be at VideoFag. I am so excited to be at Kensington Market and in front of a real park, for this play about (among so many other things) a park. Stay tuned, sports fans. It's gonna be great.

A Park View from VideoFag

A Park View from VideoFag