Thanksgiving Reflection

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. Turkey splendor aside (which is pretty bloody splendid), taking the time to reflect on the positive and emit some gratitude into the etho-sphere is something we can all stand to do a lot more of, and having a day to remind us of this is never a bad thing. 

I find myself so full of gratitude this fall, which has already been one of great reflection and humility as I look back on the past six months and all the triumphs and wins and the dedicated people who sweat and bled to make that happen.  

Most immediately, I am extremely thankful for the extraordinary feast I was privileged enough to take part in last night, featuring so many of my favourite things, some stellar people, and even an impromptu dance party. 

Most surprisingly,  I find myself thankful for whoever stole the front tire of my bike Saturday night, as being forced back on to the TTC this weekend has been a good reminder of the enormous luxury it is to have the freedom of self-generated transportation in this city. 

To avoid what appears to be the beginnings of an Awards Show of Thankfulness, I'm gonna change things up with a rapid fire paragraph. In no particular order:

Warm feet, warm drinks, amazing friends, stolen moments, To Do Lists, To Don't Lists, Tim Minchin, Saturday Night Fever, Aaron Sorkin, creative time, reading, sushi, board games, Whoopi Pies, sweet potato, trying new things, learning Italian, learning to breathe, steady work, erratic work, not having to shave,  the kindness of strangers, so much music, freedom to dance, freedom to cry, freedom to sleep without gun shots and war cries, the best employers, the best employees, that one nice Air Canada lady, new plays, old plays, Edward Albee, Tom Stoppard, The Toronto Fringe, The Atlantic Fringe, Tarragon Theatre, Jacob Zimmer, the hope of new Star Trek, the promise of new Doctor Who, David Tennant, setting deadlines, ukulele ladies and too much wine.  

For this summer, which has been equally wondrous, grounding, empowering, and humbling. For this winter, and all the awesomeness bubbling just below the surface. For everyone's patience, support, enthusiasm, and love. For the oncoming 23.

Thanksgiving Thank You.jpg

 For those of you who notice these things; yes, it has been over a month since I have posted a new Blog post, or had much of an online (or offline) presence of any sort, aside from Facebook post updates documenting my long belated discovery of The West Wing. I've been in partial hibernation mode/intensive work mode, for which my credit card debt is extremely thankful.  I've also been trying to cling on to the small amount of free time I've had to complete the first draft of a brand new play I've been thinking about for a while. I am ecstatic to say: Mission Complete! (More on that later...)

However, as October sails forward at full speed, there are lots of new and exciting things to be kept busy with, some of which you will hear about soon! In the meantime, I'll be plotting the official announcement of our 2014 Season, applying for grants and festivals, and gearing up for the Toronto premiere of Mature Young Adults  at VideoFag in just over a month! (Lots on that sooner...)